October is already behind us and fall is in full swing! Today is my first day in college after break of one year. I wish to all students successfull academic year!  It was not easy for me to take a decision but everybody knows how important to get academic degree ever in not your favorite field ... To the college I'm dressing in very casual and comfy way. Hope to make a lot of photos and share! 
Yesterday I wore this lovely sweater (or a dress I didn't decided yet xoxo). I love this size and form very much! In the cold days I will wear it with the jeans and belt. 
Have an amazing day Everybody 


Josine Luxanette said...

Looking amazing doll!*
Good luck in college!*
Love your heels!*


The Dress Rules said...

Good luck honey! You lokk so beautiful with this dress! kisses
Silvia and Chiara


Sasha said...

Have fun in college - best times in life ever! :) You look dashin'! ;)

Amparo said...

the shoes are fantastic!


Anaivilo said...

Your hair is so beautiful! And I adore the shoes. classy and cool ;)

Deppa said...

Beautiful photos and good luck!

See you!

Toyin Lola said...

amazing photos

Phuong said...

gorgeous dress girl

Travel in Style

Jasmim said...

lovely look!

ronnielle said...

Rene you are MEHAMEMET.
the thing the striked me most is the fact your photos are taken at tel aviv and when i look at them i feel like this is a completely different city, in a foreign, enchanting country :)

and good luck with college!
do you study at the IDC?

signature mix said...

I love the sweater dress and your necklace. B'hatzlacha with school.

missanshu said...

great combination! your look is very cool!


Unknown said...

I love this look! That top is amazing!

Abbey (District Dress Up)

Lisa said...

אהבתי מאוד את הסוודר! באמת שווה תמונות!
תהני! :)