Who will not agree with me if I say that denim is one of the genius inventions ever? Could you imagine your life without good pair of jeans? Definitely NOT! It easy to wear and combine with another fabrics. Jeans wear men and women and in my opinion it could be a good symbol of equality between man and woman. 
Here is my way to DO IT ALL DENIM trend :) 
Happy Sukkoth! Enjoy the holidays and keep following me xoxo


Deppa said...

Oh life without denim? definetely not!

I love your outfit and pictures, very relaxed and cute :)
See you!

Jamile Botelho said...

Linda! Amazing outfit. I love Denin. Kisses from Brazil ~.~


Unknown said...

The denim shirt is a must for the season!! So I love it!!!

Sandra said...

Really great !!

Enter my first jewelry giveaway ever!! :)

Xxxxxx03 said...

Beautiful outfit and photos! Your shirt and your bag are amazing! xxx

Gosia said...

Amazing look, denim is always great

mariajustjernov said...

love the jeans :)

Maria Jernov

Fransiska said...

how I love denim, and best thing you can never go wrong with denim and denim, and it matches with almost everything. You look so gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

This is such a great look! Those jeans look fantastic on you. Thanks for sharing :)


dollcake said...

אני אוהבת את התאורה והאווירה בבלוג שלך. גם התלבושת אחלה:)