Summer is already here and I'm so happy! Soon I will go to the beach to catch some tan :) 

Photos from Vogue Russia, Studded Hearts, Little Plastic Horses, Fashion Gone Rouge.


Blogger is back and I'm so glad! Because, to tell the true, it was a little bit scaring...  Some comments were deleted, not by me of course. 
This outfit I wore before couple of days. That's my new Topshop pants {I love them so much} and American Apparel little dress, here I wore it like top. This Topshop pants are so elegant and chic. I think it looks cute with my converse . 
Have a good weekend everybody and see you soon 


Today we are celebrating an independence day of Israel! I wish we will see Israel less in the news channels and more in lifestyle channels one day.
Here is my yesterday outfit. I'm so happy that I bought this Zara shoes! I was thinking to buy them for a long time (very unusual to me) because they are not looking comfortable... but they are! 
It was hard for me to take a decision about top, to put top into the skirt with a belt or on the skirt. At the end I decided to show you both :) 


Photos from,, tumbler. 

First photo makes me want to put accent in my eyebrows. So yesterday I bought eyebrows crayon of MAC.  Will show you soon :)  
These days I watch 'Sex and The City' for a thousand time and I love this movie!


One hundred days, one hundred smiles, one hundred posts!!! I'm excited!  I started blogging in december 2009 and it became an integral part of life.Today I flipped through my blog with a smile on my face and thought that this would not have happened without the support of my beloved husband Alon! 
I feel I went through the process of self improvement along with the blog in all sorts of ways such as photography, styling and fashion vision in general. This Blog helped me understand better what I want to do in my life and a few months ago I signed up for studio photography course. I'm not talking about my wardrobe that grew up together with the blog and includes fashionable itemsDuring this period I met amazing people, I was lucky to collaborate with international brand Mango!
Now I feel as a mother of a child who has a birthday and I allow myself a bit wishes! Such as professional success, a lot of interesting posts, fashionable events and cooperation with famous brands ♥ 
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