Today I would like to share my everyday outfit. As a mom of toddler and twin babies, I can honestly say, there is never enough time for anything. Even to get dressed or put some make up on. But there is the way to adjust even to that. Here is my tips how to do that.
Have your go-to outfit and when you are in super hurry just grab it and voila you are ready! With this kind of "uniform" and don't need to waste time on thinking of what to wear. My uniform for cold days is a pair of jeans, comfortable shoes, warm scarf and oversized coat. I suggest to keep your outfit simple and not over style it. I like to spice it up a little bit with some print and stylish sunglasses. 
I will share my beauty routine in one of the upcoming posts. You are welcome to come back. 

Coat, Scarf and Jeans - ZARA,
Bag - Zadig et Voltaire,
Shoes - Senso,
Sunglasses - Celine. 

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